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What are the features of your loan?

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TitleWhat are the features of your loan?

We've designed our loans alongside our customers and, as a result, we’ve developed a truly fair and flexible loan.

We won't charge you any additional fees. Ever. Not to open your loan, to service it or to close it early. We won’t even charge you if you miss a loan repayment.

We'll always give you an instant decision, and we’ll do it in a way that doesn’t impact your credit score, so that you can get your quote and shop around for the best rate.

We won’t ask you for information that we don't need and with a simple, online application it should only take five minutes to complete. Not only will we give you a decision in two minutes, we’ll also transfer your funds immediately so your money is in your account in under four hours.

Since the 29th November 2018, we only offer the Reward Loan.

Our loans are 25.7% APR Representative.

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